Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome Visitors from Poontuner Space

Hello everybody. This blog has been getting a ton of traffic, and THANK YOU for looking. So far this year we're on track to hit 100,000 visitors in 2011. Noodles for breakfast once again. Ramen. You ever make a cup of coffee and it has that toilet water after taste? Squirt. Gee, I never expected so much from just another avenue to share my own photos and talk some much deserved "crystal clear" smack. But, that shows what a couple of bikini shots will do I guess? It's an illusion. Nothing is shocking AND everything IS gay. Huge. Even if you think it's not, that what makes it so. Face. That being said, all you stuck in a rut of a towners, say hello once in a while! Share a photo or two if you got something funny or bolted a new dildo or doodad on your Sportster. Slapping. I dare YOU! I double-dog dare you. Dong.
Not that I'm trying to be the biggest baddest hardcore'st pimple-blog on the ass of the eUniverse or anything. That's already done. They're Sportsters after all, i.e. motorcycles for girls. Wuss. I still consider this a Good JOKE between friends (those I know and those I don't, but those who still "get it"), but I also think that some of the traffic here is by accident. Boner. "What the hell is this?" Those are the people who have not a clue about what they're seeing here. No offense, but stay for a while and emasculate yourself. It's not like the internet will run out of tits and booty while you take a break. Read some of my pasts ramblings about BUYING USED, and maybe, just maybe, I'll save you a blown wad of cash and help you bring back/reclaim/discover for the first time, like a Virgin, your Manhood (for lack of a better word). There's beater things to occupussy your time with than muff on your poontuner.
 "Bikers Pick It In The Wind"
Some pictures sent in from last May's El Diablo Run (2011) that I just got my hands on, but it was a fantastic trip!
Juno and Alan.
 And is that Tyler Durden?

Beard for Sale!
 He's rocking the patch AND shirt! Damn that's sexy.
Whadda' Tool.
I didn't take these pictures but they're all of the South Bay "Gasser" Crew that made it down south of the border. One more dumb note: Playlist opened up the AUTO START feature on their website for music on blogs. It was pretty retarded when they took it away in the first place. But, they've added commercials to their playlists you create. The commercials SUCK ASS, so just ignore them.

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