Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Did Sportsters Join The United Federation of Planets?

 This is a design from some French guy(s) who made (or rather covered up with plastic?) a Sportster and decided to call it a Spacester. I guess that's fine if you got nothing better to do but play Star Trek and stomp grapes. Do I think it's cool? Non, cela ne semble horrible . Would I want to ride it? No McFly. Why am I down on it? Let's put it like this; Cela pourrait etra bizarre to put a cadillac grill on a Volkswagen beetle, but really, it's not. Get it.
When you got to the trouble to make something ORIGINAL and then you finish, and it looks so far from an original idea, you have FAILED le' miserable. This looks like something you would expect Harley to produce stock in 2020 in an attempt to compete with Honda and Triumphs true advancements, and for that, it SUCKS. Ce qui est je parlant de? It's clearly a movie prop. I could only Hope. Isn't Buell out of Business anyway? Is it? Let's see what happens in 10 more years... Remember Indian Motorcycles died half a dozen times. I feel sorry for Indians, they're the Pet Cemetary of motorcycles. It keeps coming back worse every time. Quittez les mortis, mortis.
The engine on the SpaceSter custom motorcycle is wrapped in a cover mimicking the Harley engine fins, making it look like one solid block motor.
They should call it, "The Mimic"

Some Comments:
This thing looks like it’s straight outta the movie “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.” The only thing lacking is a sprung rear seat or suspension (I have a bad back.) Otherwise, magnificant!
... at least he got the magnifiCANT part right...

Now, it’s what a custom should be. Unique style, great design and fabrication and I am pretty sure rideable. These French are very good. Hey, Cyril! (wink)
Customs should be/look Stock? I still don't get it?

Great custom piece. Something different and innovative. Is it possible that tomorrow’s Harley Sportsters look somewhat like this? Harley may copy this design…or at least get inspired.
Harley Davidson "get" inspired? Are you kidding me? Their last great inspiration was stoner high school skateboarders jumping over parked Sportsters and then painting everything flat black and calling it "dark customs."
 Suspension comes front a set of Yamaha R1 inverted forks. Also, there are no master cylinders on the bars, as they have been relocated inside the body. In addition to that, front brake and hydraulic clutch are actioned by small levers on the bars. The bodywork breaths aerodynamics, from the front to the rear where the frenched taillight and the license tag look like they are incorporated into the fender. 
SpaceSter is poised to be one of the few signs of genuine originality (Says who?) at the AMD World Championships Of Bike Building next year in August at Sturgis (there is clue to an audience.), after it has already won “Best of Show” Free Bla Bla 2010 and “Best of Show” Bla bla bla Bike Valfrejus 2010 titles

There's two ideologies at play here. 1.) You(*) look forward to the newest model(s) of a company's bikes and/or cars or whatever, each year. You buy a new bike (or car) every three years because it's more reliable. You rubberneck every time a Victory Vision (base price $18,999.00, w t f ?) putters by and your butt hole puckers up. You can't tell your girlfriend you think about the accessory and paint options on the CanAm Spyder during intercourse with her (or him).  or 2.) You don't give it a second thought because you recognize that everything new lacks in what previous models have had in their ease to fix/repair/wrench or classic styling lines, paint means nothing, and aftermarket care NEVER includes a return trip to any dealership no matter what.
"But these new bikes are so much more aerodynamic." ... And that means NOTHING to me. The only wind tunnel you've ever needed is the one between your chin and your nose. If you're so concerned with fuel mileage buy a bicycle and pedal yourself throughout your daily existence, make some shoes out of palm reeds and banana leaves, weave some underwear out of pocket lint, and make your own soap with bacon grease and rose pedals. Go buy a 1990 Honda Rebel and ride that sucka into the ground at like 100 mpg.
(*) I saw a commercial the other night on television. Some lady was driving a new car around town, her kids were peacefully asleep in the back seat as she drove. The camera pans out, her husband is asleep in the passenger seat and wakes up, "Do you need me to drive honey?" The commercial then boasts the smoothness of the new cars drivability. That's just like about every other commercial on television now. Every DIY commercial on t.v. shows a couple (not a solo man) repairing a house, or a loser dude buying a total overpriced diamond wedding ring, it's the Sissification of Man. The role of the MALE (i.e. MAN) is the insecure, inept, clumsy, "blond," completely useless passenger dependent for guidance. Can a chick ride a bike in your "perfect" world? I say, "Hell yeah!" It's not about whats swinging (or what's not swinging if you're slow to get it) But let me ask YOU, if a woman can handle anything a man can (and she cant. Nor can a man handle things a woman can; the birth of a child say), can a Man actually, "BE" a Man? I haven't seen to many of them around lately.... the verge of extinction has arrived.

The Campaign for your Manhood has just Begun

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