Wednesday, June 8, 2011

White Latex Unicorn Gas Mask

 I must admit, somewhere there's a photo shoot of a Unicorn Biker riding over Black Leather Man photography that I'd like to see. Kinda. Maybe, it's over? Why? Because you can't "pose" a Unicorn. They have to be shot in the wild. They're not Gay Greenpeace Ken doll's for fukk sakes! It reminds me of the Harley ads with the flannel wearing hipsters on their Nightsters, with their metal flaked helmets and imitation Loud Fast Rules stickers, being all cool, getting chicks that look like strung out super models and playing pool. Staged.

Is that a Chica bike? Anyone?

Well, if Unicorns are played out. Over. Kaputt. Fin. I think Hot Dogs are the next new Fab! 

Catsup Forever ~ Forever Mustard

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Brady said...

Fucked up. Completely.

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