Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sons of Anarchy ~ Justin Teller Introduction

Jax Teller, Season 4
Ok. This is some real shit right here. I found this... wait for it... On The Internet!
"I have never been into “Bikers” (even though I love Black leather and all kinds of things with studs on them) but I could easily make an exception for Jax Teller, from Sons of Anarchy. I can even overlook the fact that he’s a blonde and I would be more than happy to jump on the back of that Harley and ride off with him!
I don’t watch many television shows, but when I do watch them, I find myself drawn to the more offbeat ones. I used to love OZSix Feet Under and The Sopranos on HBO. FX has had me hooked for years withRescue Me and Sons of Anarchy.
I was a little shocked during the preview tonight because Jax Teller has always had long, messy looking hair (which is a large part of his appeal). His hair is cut really short for this new season, and that kind ofbothers me, because I’m not really good with change, of any kind!
Jax Teller’s shorter haircut won’t prevent me from watching the show and I’m sure I’ll get used to his new “look” and continue my lust fest (barfed a little in my mouth), for that blonde-haired Biker boy! There is something so wrong, about being attracted to him, that it just feels “right”!
That show has me so hooked that whenever I hear the low, rumbling growl of a Harley, when it crosses my path, I always turn to look and see if maybe, just maybe, it could be Jax Teller driving by!"

So then you ask; Was that a dude writing it? I gotta say Yes! (But in all probability, no.) Seriously still, W T F ?

"So, do you think I'd look good with short hair Keanu?"
"I think you already look... AWESOME!"

Ghost Ride ~ and ~ Police Set Up a Sting?

 You cannot catch the wind...

I'm the only one who can walk in both worlds. I'm the Ghost Rider.

 Then so, I'm walking the lot, checking out the muscle and package kits, and I see this bike with the lights on. Battery testing? Maybe. But there's an awful lot of fuzz round here today? I think maybe they were going fishing for some putter bandits? The exit gate was also closed and being "manned" by the fuzz letting bikes out one at a time... Hummmm. Look into my eyes. (the Ghost Rider quotes just keep coming.)
But then I thought, Nah... who would steal a Sportster? With all these other "treasures" in the lot... ha ha ha ha. Sorry, all out of mercy.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Parking Lot Winner ~ LB Cycle Swap

 It's not hard to pick your favorite bike from the parking lot each month at the Long Beach Sucka Swap. First, eliminate all the stockers on the lot (easy, cause it's about 95% stock-Sunday-riders). Then go through the remaining bikes, eliminate anything with WCC or any bolt on part that would cost over $5.00. You've got basically, maybe, 5 bikes left to pick form... And this month the winner goes to this bike. I'd add only one thing (see below).
 Yes, that is a PBR spot light.
 That wind screen is awesome. I love this bike.
 Chrome Cow Skulls will KILL YOUR TELEVISION.
"All Systems are GO, Be'otch!"
We're going back in time to bitch slap Pauly Sr.!

(That was not however, a Sportster. I've yet to see anyone go full-retard on a Sportster... because if you're going to go Retard. Then go FULL retard. No half measures.)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

BF3 Cleaned Up and GQ

 Almost passes for Respectable.
 Previously Incorrigible.

Chops Japs and calls it Back Bacon.
But is the master of the Serenade.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The hits just keep on coming...

 The Wino story is getting kinda old. Really nice to see Osborne's kid, Kelly, at the funeral sporting a memorial beehive hairdoo. What the hell was that about? So we all should've wear fake noses to Michael Jacksons wedding? Do the Humpty. No one told me.
 I've made a few adjustments to some popular t-shirts selling on the internet since, well, you know, she took the big crap...
 Never heard of the Forever 27 Club before now, I guess that has something to do with not caring.
Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, and... that flannel shirt guy who indirectly made flannels cool again (because no one credits the latinos por nada) , and about 50 more musicians who all popped off at age 27.

 On a more interesting note: The Unicorn is the international symbol of "Fantasy."
You (can) learn something new every day.

 See the fish? I think he's dead too. He's floating upside down.
 We're also 99 days away from the next Slab City Riot (3).
Now, that's something to look forward to!
Have you joined the WUSS ARMY yet? It's a new group I've started over on the Chop Cult.
 Artistic or phallic?
Banana Dragons M/C anyone?
 Alien Vagina.
I took that picture at the last Slab City Riot, I swear... don't go near any hippie buses at all.
Nuff said?
Have you forgotten about Amy Winehouse yet?

BF3 Show Winners Remain a Mystery...

 The bikes on the lawn were really the ones that did it for me. Builders bikes (are for now) far too clean for my liking. Not that they aren't superbly designed, crafted, and worthy, they are. Love Cycles and Craze's were my personal faves, but the lawn bikes loaded with camping gear, road grime, and stories, do it for me.

I confess at this point. I wasn't around for the awards. I had business to attend to that took me away from the festivities and that's a hard pill to swallow but a necessary evil.
 I would sure like to know who won the Best Sportster award if anyone knows?
I heard rumor that someone won a Knucklehead too? How about that.

Some not-so-random shots from the Long Beach Suck Swap

 Really nice Goldwing in the background. (I don't even know if that's what it is?)
Love the paint on the Shovel tank.
~ Kickstart Evo ~
(I've never actually seen an Evo Kickstart Kit work in person, and they're far too expensive for my tastes at over $Grand for a modification. So I can't really tell you if this is the real deal?)
 Love me some Invaders.
 Ok, this "might" be the perfect Swap Wagon or Swap Van as far as I'm concerned. It's got everything but a trailer hitch. Plenty of hanging display room, plenty of lockable storage for the expensive Bates seats, plenty of top luggage rack for tie-down in transit. If both sides open up, you could double your display by parking straight in and putting tables on both sides. Only downside I imagine is that you can't really tow any weight on the back of that?
Bikes are not my thing. Wha? Bicycles that is. I believe they are going to change the name of this Swap Meet to the "Long Beach Bi-Cycle Swap Meet (with limited space for motorcycle related imported chinese merchandise)" because week after week (month after month rather) the bicycle dealers are growing and the motorcycle part vendors are slowing. It won't be long. Mark the date. That this will be promoted as the "Largest Growing Swap Meet for Bi-Cycle related Parts and Antiques."  Go Pedal Power! ... and you know what? You really really don't need those bolt on parts anyway.

Tiki Highway (pt.2)

Few more random shots from Sundays party.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Bleach Cycle Swaps

Some Ironheads in the lot. 

Ironhead prices (evidently) are dropping dramatically. There was no less than three "running" or "runs good" Ironheads in the vendor booths for anywhere between $2,200-$2,800.00. You've got to know what you're getting into with an Ironhead but the prices are starting to reflect reality... a "reality" you'll not come across in any dealership. 

BF3 Moped Love (?)

 I don't know what it is... ?