Monday, July 11, 2011

God didn't kill that little Unicorn...

 Unicorns carcass in alley this morning. Unicorns are all the Rage right now, and why should Boots linger behind like some dirty sexually abused step child? Chocolate chip cookies that missed the chip line? Are they any less worthy than Hollywoods brand of shame?
 They can eye gouge just as easily as Unicorns in the U.S.A. (for those of you who don't know, Unicorns no longer exist in most major European countries. I think the Germans eradicated them during the last world war? either that, or some form of mass suicide). You might find a stray in India or sipping turkish coffee in a dank hotel somewhere. Beware of the mange.
 There's an ever growing army of Unicorn Booters looking toward the future, when they rule supreme says tricky dick!
Taco Supreme, at Taco Bell with new HOT Unicorn (artificially flavored) Meat!
 And then there's those who slaughter Unicorns outright. The profess to be Unicorn lovers, but ask them where the "leather" they're wearing came from and most likely they'll deny it's Unicorn Hide! You weren't any more born this way than say a, still born cat. You've gotten soft.
Unicorns are getting so played out, it's like some kinda acid reflux that makes me wanna throw up a little like when I've exceeded my 20 Cup Coffee Rule. Nobody cares, nobody cares but me.

 Everyone whores into it. Even Vans shoes. Vaseline jar obtained. Not that this isn't expected. It's the "factory" at work. 
 Unicorns do not stimulate nor enhance Ecstasy in any way or in any fashion. But they want you to think that it does. They control you through giving you a false sense of independence. You conform as easily as the next mass hysterical fad.
 Everyones Original these days. "Look at me, I'm the cool one of the click setting myself out from everyone else at the Ski Lodge! Who want's another Wine Spritzy guys???"
 Unicorns in the 19th Century suffered major set backs due to the Syphilis outbreaks of Europe too. Blind and slightly insane Unicorns have trouble crossing the street... the Iron Streets of Medieval Europe! They were the lucky ones who never lived to see this day. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.

So what kind of "Vesrus" is this? It's extinction knocking at the door and I think there's a whole lotta people coming in with pitch forks and torches to kill you. The sweet escape is locking yourself inside, closing the shutters, and hoping, somehow hoping, that it will all pass before the smoke inhalation from the burning building does you in before the fire does. Breathe deeply my child for the end is nigh.

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