Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The hits just keep on coming...

 The Wino story is getting kinda old. Really nice to see Osborne's kid, Kelly, at the funeral sporting a memorial beehive hairdoo. What the hell was that about? So we all should've wear fake noses to Michael Jacksons wedding? Do the Humpty. No one told me.
 I've made a few adjustments to some popular t-shirts selling on the internet since, well, you know, she took the big crap...
 Never heard of the Forever 27 Club before now, I guess that has something to do with not caring.
Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, and... that flannel shirt guy who indirectly made flannels cool again (because no one credits the latinos por nada) , and about 50 more musicians who all popped off at age 27.

 On a more interesting note: The Unicorn is the international symbol of "Fantasy."
You (can) learn something new every day.

 See the fish? I think he's dead too. He's floating upside down.
 We're also 99 days away from the next Slab City Riot (3).
Now, that's something to look forward to!
Have you joined the WUSS ARMY yet? It's a new group I've started over on the Chop Cult.
 Artistic or phallic?
Banana Dragons M/C anyone?
 Alien Vagina.
I took that picture at the last Slab City Riot, I swear... don't go near any hippie buses at all.
Nuff said?
Have you forgotten about Amy Winehouse yet?

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