Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lucifer is our new "Activities Leader" 'round here

 July 17th
Naked Girls Reading (link) celebrated Comic-com at Vlad the Retailers in Los Angeles (location). 7pm. Adults only. $18 at the door. 4 beautiful naked girls reading Comic Books, Sc-Fi, Horror, and Fan Fiction.

(I have no idea what it's about, cause I spend all my time taking pictures of motorcycles.... but I think in the interest of expanding our horizons we owe it to them to check it out.)
 July 24th from 12 to 7 pm
Cars, Bikes, Bands, Art
The Lords of Altamont, the Dirty Filthy Mugs, The Hula Girls, Hard Fall Hearts, plus entertainment by The Freakshow Deluxe, Babes in Tikiland Burlesque, and live Tiki carving at Don the Beachcombers in  Huntington Beach.

A Good Year!

And also...
The Black Tibetans
July 29th at the Redwood Bar

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