Saturday, July 9, 2011

more from the sea of SPORTSTERS at BF3

You keep hearing about the "panheads" at Born Free 3, and yes, they're beautiful bikes, but not within the budget of the average 9-2-5'er. And most 9-2-5'ers probably work crappy evenings and weekends nowadays for minimum wage unfulfilling unrewarding jobs with bosses who could care less if you quit today so they'd not have to see your punk rock wanna be snarly mug again. So what's a bloke to do? BUY USED. Sportsters are found at practically "I'm Giving It Away!" prices if one does the absolute minimum of leg work (which probably means, surfing the net. Ouch. That's hard). Sportsters rock! Figure the average Sportster owner, picked up his or her bike from the stealership under a pre-tense of "starter bike" or "learners bike" and once they got onto the freeway, either a.) got the crap scared outta them "I pooped!" and parked the bike in the garage, or b.) found they were ridiculed by their friends for buying a "girls" bike and quickly wanted to upgrade into the next level of Hardcore Harley Lifestyle! ... "I put 427 miles on this baby in the last year, I think I'm ready for the upgrade. Can I trade this in? ... Why yes. I am interested in your promotional payment plan special!"

And while I'm on it, if there's anyone who didn't have a good time at BF3, well shame on you. I know for a FREE event, that's giving away a bike (for a decent price chance of winning, come on) and having plenty of bathrooms, food, location, weather, and the hugely important lack of Stock Toolery' and Buff Huffs or Juice Heads, then this is by far one of the coolest shows to grace us the last three years running! You would be hard pressed to claim or cry otherwise. There's still a few who take salt by the mouthful, and for you I beg to differ. btw, I might have a Swap Meet you'd really dig if BF3 wasn't your thang... it's in Long Beach... and it "stocks regularly."

Plus, my skid marks run 3/4 of the way cross the streets in Orange! Fuck Front Brakes! I had a blast.

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