Friday, July 8, 2011

More to do, get off your ass and Go!

Seriously, I better not ever hear anyone, ever, again, say anything about "there's nothing to do" or "I wish there was somewhere cool we could go." I will however permit, the true, honest, and completely acceptable, "Fuck, this swap meet is gay" or "Why in the hell do we pay $9 every month to ride into this swap meet when all they ever have is crappy chinese bolt on parts?" So, take a gander at the following events, parties, after-parties, release parties this month, and Full-On-Retardness of the Slab City Riot 3 (which is coming up in less than 4 months). Get in gear and get over there(s)!

Tomorrow! Going to the Mooneyes BBQ Open House??? July 9th theres also a Mooneyes POST-party at Sportsman Lounge in La Mirada. Hit one, then the other.
Two events on July 23rd, first up Dixie and Dice from 5-8, then an after party at Alex's Bar starting at 9 pm. 
Street Chopper Release Party at Spitfire Motorcycles, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. July 30th 11-4pm.
August 20th ~ High Noon
(Lady Hump is throwing in with the Jamboree and will be throwing out some swag n' hats for the raffles!)

AND FINALLY THE OFFICIAL FLYER FOR THE SLAB CITY RIOT 3 HAS MADE AN APPEARANCE!!! You will attend this two day no-frills, no-grace, and no-mulligans Chopper Event!
November 4th and 5th.
Plan on arriving in WUSS style Nov. 4th. Here's How?

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