Friday, July 29, 2011

Parking Lot Winner ~ LB Cycle Swap

 It's not hard to pick your favorite bike from the parking lot each month at the Long Beach Sucka Swap. First, eliminate all the stockers on the lot (easy, cause it's about 95% stock-Sunday-riders). Then go through the remaining bikes, eliminate anything with WCC or any bolt on part that would cost over $5.00. You've got basically, maybe, 5 bikes left to pick form... And this month the winner goes to this bike. I'd add only one thing (see below).
 Yes, that is a PBR spot light.
 That wind screen is awesome. I love this bike.
 Chrome Cow Skulls will KILL YOUR TELEVISION.
"All Systems are GO, Be'otch!"
We're going back in time to bitch slap Pauly Sr.!

(That was not however, a Sportster. I've yet to see anyone go full-retard on a Sportster... because if you're going to go Retard. Then go FULL retard. No half measures.)

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