Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sons of Anarchy ~ Justin Teller Introduction

Jax Teller, Season 4
Ok. This is some real shit right here. I found this... wait for it... On The Internet!
"I have never been into “Bikers” (even though I love Black leather and all kinds of things with studs on them) but I could easily make an exception for Jax Teller, from Sons of Anarchy. I can even overlook the fact that he’s a blonde and I would be more than happy to jump on the back of that Harley and ride off with him!
I don’t watch many television shows, but when I do watch them, I find myself drawn to the more offbeat ones. I used to love OZSix Feet Under and The Sopranos on HBO. FX has had me hooked for years withRescue Me and Sons of Anarchy.
I was a little shocked during the preview tonight because Jax Teller has always had long, messy looking hair (which is a large part of his appeal). His hair is cut really short for this new season, and that kind ofbothers me, because I’m not really good with change, of any kind!
Jax Teller’s shorter haircut won’t prevent me from watching the show and I’m sure I’ll get used to his new “look” and continue my lust fest (barfed a little in my mouth), for that blonde-haired Biker boy! There is something so wrong, about being attracted to him, that it just feels “right”!
That show has me so hooked that whenever I hear the low, rumbling growl of a Harley, when it crosses my path, I always turn to look and see if maybe, just maybe, it could be Jax Teller driving by!"

So then you ask; Was that a dude writing it? I gotta say Yes! (But in all probability, no.) Seriously still, W T F ?

"So, do you think I'd look good with short hair Keanu?"
"I think you already look... AWESOME!"


Anonymous said...

What's that little piece of crap doing impersonating a biker?

Nerdy Jeremy said...

He's gotta die like alot