Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tombstone, AZ.

Missed the rider by about 5 minutes but thought if anyone could keep a Shovelhead running regularly in 115 degrees, that's one bad ass dude. Had that perfect layer of dust and sun-faded paint to be an absolute work of art.
 Tombstone on the other hand was a tad too touristy for my liking. Sure, it has some history and that's pretty impressive. It once had 160 whiskey bars on the main street in the wild west times. Wow! It's a wonder they ever got any work done, either that or we're all sissy's nowadays (I tend to nod the later, sad).

I'd personally skip the staged-gun fights and just tour the Bird Cage. Not into the "stocker-bars" so I didn't hang out in the city very long at all. I will say however, the clouds were VERY impressive.

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FSK said...

haha i love your new header pic Allen!