Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuesday Funeral

The most overheard comment, "I really feel sorry for her."
Tuesday is Amy's funeral. Everyone loves the evil milk pictures of drunk and passed out girls (mostly) and guys who get plastered and sharpie marker make-up make-overs. It's so funny! Amy was the same thing, only in "live" video fashion. Only time will tell how she's remembered in history. My best guess, not that much. Not so much for her music, but rather for the same reasons people feel "sorry" for her now. They'll remember the drug usage and the slurred speech, the criminal fringe, and the public spectacle, a "life ended too soon" will be a popular end note. "She was such a sweet little girl." Was she? Britney Spears dad had to step into her "public" dissolving "life" and get the Court to put him in control of her and her money to straighten things out when she flip the light fantastic, shaved her head, and attacked paparazzi with an umbrella (in Los Angeles, where it hardly ever rains...). She really went Dungeons and Dragons on them! Who stepped up for Sweet Little Amy Winehouse? Which celebrity will overdoes tomorrow and replace Amy's 30 second snippet spot on the "entertainment buzz" tele? 

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blindtom said...

I can only hope it will be Dustin Bieber.