Wednesday, August 31, 2011

El Camino is less than a month away

(These pics from 2008.)

Some miscellaneous Long Beach bitchin' complaing

So you had the average (and I mean that in the most complimentary way) Sportsters, those with some class that have the minor modifications necessary to make them worthy. You had some full on chopped out Ironheads, always a Lady Hump pleaser... and then you had the regulars. The baggers that come out once a month. The standard, "Yeah, I ride a Harley." which is pretty much what's keeping the company alive today. If it wasn't for the "ethnic" riders buying showroom stockers, they'd have gone under a few decades back. Say it ain't so? It is. Who else is going to drop $25K on a floor model and THEN another $5-10K on mods? Holy mole' Pepe! So, yeah there was a TON of vendors here (again, it was the "last" summer hurrah, what did you expect?), then I ask you, why in the hell are you selling non-cycle stuff? I no longer blame the Vendors. I blame the event organizers. This could have been remedied long ago, but the desire for whoring out the Veterans, at the Veterans Stadium, was more important than sticking to the content rules of vendors: (as stated at the Toppings Event website)
1) The So-Cal Cycle Swap does not permit the sales of counterfeit merchandise. Vendors suspected of selling couterfeit merchandise will be asked to leave without refund. Event management cooperates with law enforcement and copyright owners in the investigation of sales of counterfeit merchandise.
2) TheSo-CalCycleSwap is restricted to Cycle related items only. 
3) Vendors selling or displaying any non-cycle related items may be asked to leave without refund. 
4) Absolutely no food or drink products of any kind are to be sold or given away. 
Thanks for the beer! You know who you are! 500 Forever...
5) No knives, guns, or weapons are to be sold or displayed (cycle related or not). 
6) No objectionable material please.

 Softail Gremlins perhaps?

Some nice spiky stuff on that last one...

Monday, August 29, 2011

What's with people leaving their key in their bikes?

I've commented on it before, in just that the police were conducting a "Sporty Sting" operation or that some Riders were conducting some Battery Test, but seriously, have you taken a look around this place? It ain't all Bros. Are riders so eager to jump off their bikes and snag a deal (? hardly ?) on some new accessories and chrome grommets, that it slips the mind? I don't know for sure. I think some investigating reporting is in need. Detective Hump is on the case. Just don't call me Dick Hump cause I don't swing that way. 

Easy Lover

She's the kind of girl you dream of
Dream of keeping hold of
You're the one that wants to hold her
Hold her and control her
You'd better forget it
You'll never get it
For she'll say there's no other
Till she finds another
Better forget it
Oh you'll regret it
And don't try to change her, just leave it, leave it
You're not the only one, ooh seeing is believing
It's the only way
You'll ever know, oh
She's an easy lover
She'll take your heart but you won't feel it (you won't feel it)
She's like no other
And I'm just trying to make you see (trying to make you see)

You gotta admit, it's a beautiful world we live in with bikes this rad.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lame Beach Cycle Swap

 Thought this tank looked pretty cool. Has a drippy cup kind of indent. Made for the Biker that needs to fill up after last call, just in case there's some spillage. I personally would love to see this painted with a rainbow pouring forth from the cap! Awesome.
 Took a ton of ironhead, evo, and those less worthy photos, enough to post all week and some really nice bikes and bykes. Evo Sportsters are falling under $3K easy... sure they have cosmetic issues, alas that "wasn't such a good idea to (insert mistake here) I guess?" Even though I jest that this was/is the Lame Beach Cycle Swap, there are truly elements of pure suckage at this place, and I'll be more than happy to go over them, once again, in future posts... why in God's name would you sell used lint rollers and torn ass collectible cereal boxes from the 1980 Olympics at a fooking CYCLE swap is past me.

Man Wolfs with shaved cheeks!

VVMC Sunday Ride ~ Pt.4

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's time to dust off your Byke...

 I love the smell of hairy palms in the morning. You know, one time we walked the Long Beach Cycle Swap for 12 hours. When it was all over, I barfed my breakfast up. We didn't find one single thing worth a shit, not one stinkin' thing made in America. Not a bolt, or a tassel, or a leather luster tube o' lube. The smell, you know that fake leather Made In Paki piss tanned smell, the whole parking lot, smelled like a Chinese Men's Bathhouse with a backed up sewer main.
 See YOU there!
"Please let it be good, please, please. No more non-cycle vendors!"

Internet Hero Chopper Jamboree (6/6)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oct 24th 2009 ~ Screaming Chicken Saloon

Taken at the Street Chopper Magazine 40th Year Anniversary Party at the Screaming Chicken Saloon located on Cajon Blvd. in San Bernardino, CA.