Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bagdad Cafe

 The stamp on these pictures is 2009. I find it hard to believe that...
 Taken on August 6th, 2011
 It's still there, and it still serves food! This place was made (in)famous (allegedly) by European tourists, cult followers of the movie of the same name since 1987. Looking back to 1987, I guess there just wasn't a lot of good movies coming out of Hollywood at the time; you had classics like Born In East L.A., Masters of the Universe (with Dolph Lundgren), Police Academy 4, Superman 4, The Quest For Peace? Seriously, WTF? (ok, there were a couple classics; Near Dark, Full Metal Jacket, and Raising Arizona). Anyway, on this day, we ran into about 40 European tourists of all ages (who would have guessed it?), AND seriously now, thought we were about to witness a meth-fueled greasy spoon version of a bar-room fight! There was screaming and ranting and pot throwing going on! You know how many times you say, "If only I was a fly on the wall...?" well, not to be disgusting, but it fits perfectly. Yes, it was a great experience! And the movie was about a German woman who had an obsession with organization and cleanliness right? Not so today. Better than I could have imagined from any "roadside attraction." I thought for minute I was inside the movie "Salton Sea" with Val Kilmer. It took over 40 minutes to cook our food, but it was the best bacon and eggs I've ever had. This was theatre! If ever you want a oily dose of sweaty reality in it's truest form, stop by this place. This will be a Lady Hump ride again in 2012 for sure! On old Route 66, it's a short 140 miles from greater Los Angeles.
(same wall as pictured above in "honeymooner couple" shot).
Das bagdad Café befindet sich entlang der Route 66, 140 Meilen von Los Angeles city. Am Morgen gingen wir für fettige kaffee und die besten 40 minuten Speck und Eier, die ich je hatte, es gab fast ein Kampf zwischen den Beschäftigten! Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit! (make sense?)

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