Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lame Beach Cycle Swap

 Thought this tank looked pretty cool. Has a drippy cup kind of indent. Made for the Biker that needs to fill up after last call, just in case there's some spillage. I personally would love to see this painted with a rainbow pouring forth from the cap! Awesome.
 Took a ton of ironhead, evo, and those less worthy photos, enough to post all week and some really nice bikes and bykes. Evo Sportsters are falling under $3K easy... sure they have cosmetic issues, alas that "wasn't such a good idea to (insert mistake here) I guess?" Even though I jest that this was/is the Lame Beach Cycle Swap, there are truly elements of pure suckage at this place, and I'll be more than happy to go over them, once again, in future posts... why in God's name would you sell used lint rollers and torn ass collectible cereal boxes from the 1980 Olympics at a fooking CYCLE swap is past me.

Man Wolfs with shaved cheeks!

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