Friday, August 19, 2011

Lubbock, Texas

Although this picture came from the jj2 back in May, I have so many lingering questions that I have to put this out there; what's with the bayonet handlebars? How's the riding position holding those and arn't they facing the wrong direction for you to place your fingers in the finger-holes? And those (?) Antler-Style Six Bend bars, do you have any pictures of a rider, riding this bike? What's the tanks all about? Is it just fake plates over a regular sportster tank, or is it truly the dog-coffin box that it looks like? Are those dual brake lights where the pointy fender ends and the glitter ammo boxes hang? What do you carry in those boxes, they seem very small. I want more pictures badly. Very badly.


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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure a photo of the "Pirate" that rides that would make it all crystal clear.