Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rapid Run to the Kern River

Chris Blue Collar Moto is planning a KERN RIVER ride this September 9th in place of the PISMO ride he's done in the past. Here's the details so far. When there's a flyer, I'll post that up too. Also, check the sidebar "BEAN POT" for dates of all remaining events listed for 2011.

Were taking off from Santa Monica at the corner of Pico and Bundy at 9 AM Friday the 9th of Sept, 2011. Riding up the coast to Oxnard, and then going up the 33 threw some twisties. (Same first half of the SLO Ride to Pismo in Oct.) The 33 is a great road! This is a FREE event.
Were camping just below Mc Nally's @ Roads end on the map. The fires from spring 2010 didn't go that far up river. They have the best damn hamburgers I ever ate at Mc Nallys. They grind up ribeye steaks to make the patty's. There is also a liquor store next to the bar restaurant as well as a ton of good food down in Kernville. If anyone wants to volunteer to drive up and carry coolers and food we can plan on doing some BBQ. Last year I rode up with a friend the same weekend, and most all the tourists were gone. Plenty of free camping spaces by the river.
Here's the link for the map from Oxnard to the Kern.
There is another party (not us) going up a week in advance to reserve the spot! Porta potties, fire permits etc. They only take up the North half of the lot. We have the South half and the middle if we want. If you cant make the ride, and are coming up Saturday to join us, you wont be able to miss us with all the bikes that will be in the parking area.
For anyone who cant make it on Friday for the ride speak up and get together with others coming up on Saturday! One night of camping with a good ride is always better than none! And bring tubes!!!

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