Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saturday and Sunday, let's review shall we...

 Here's a last minute reminder for all you in So Cal who are itching to strap on your weekend warrior helmet and pause your stream, punch in the coordinates on your R2 unit and make the jump to hyperbadassery ( hi-per'bad-ASS-er-e'! ). Word. Webster can suck it.

 WOMPY'S POOL PALACE in Corona, CA. at 12:00 Noon on Saturday the 20th.
Beer, more beer, best bike award, beer, BBQ, raffles (tons of stuff to win from your favorite sponsors), swimming, beer, chug-a-lug, belly flop contest, and more beer!
Be the Hero!

and then, if you've still got some energy left, there's a movie night going on in Pasadena. Don't know too much about this one, other than the flyer...

and wake up, drink some coffee, eat some toast and hit it again;
VVMC Sunday Ride on Sunday (when else?) at 10:00 am meet up time.
 After a view filled 32 mile ride along the the beach cities and the Palos Verdes coastal cliffs you'll end up at (infamous) Walkers Cafe in San Pedro, CA. located at the Point Fermin Peninsula. 

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Brady said...

Ms Hump,

Thank you for the picture of the woman in the Storm Trooper mask. It has made my day.

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