Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sturgis 2011 ~ I'd rather watch SOA reruns before Sept. 6th

 Every year at this time, and I'm sure it's true with most "bike(r)" related web sites out there, if you've anything related to, Sturgis, you end up getting super high traffic (by accident in this case for sure). I like that picture above; The mistake (for whatever reason when you're standing opposite where everyone passing by seems to be looking).
 Whoa. Sportster perfection!
So, there's probably no chance I'd ever go to Sturgis. I've seen enough showroom bikes to last me a lifetime. I've also noticed that most photographers are more concerned with nipple coverage than chopper coverage. So be it. Give the people what they want. I'll jump into it for a giggle.
 File under: Girls who really are planning for their future.
Make up your own quote: 
"No Mom, I really am at Bible Camp..."
"I'm serious Mom, tell your son to get up off me!"
"No Mr. Bates, I really am at home with the cramps, you know I'd never call in sick if I really wasn't."
"No Daddy, you won't see any more pictures of me on facebook... I promise."

And when I say, watch SOA re-runs before Sept. 6th. I mean it man!

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