Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Weeks Stuff To Do and Places To Go


And that's just some of the stuff going on...
You've got a full weekend (Heck! You've got a full week... not just the weekend) of stuff to chose from, why pick just one? Pick them all.
Thursday head downtown for the Cretins party, then on Friday head down south Temecula way for some Ballast Point. Back north for lunch at Santa Fe Importers (are they still doing that one? Not positive but I think so) and another Cretins party on Saturday night. Plus there's always the Gasser Bike Night(s) on the last Saturday of the month. Sunday you get up early and hit the Long Beach Swap Meet (it CAN suck, I know...) and find some rarities. Then hit the BA Moto ride and after party! Man, so much to do, why are you bitching about summer being almost over? Get out there and start some stuff! 

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