Saturday, August 13, 2011

Win Captain America's Motorcycle...

 No, Not that Captain America's Bike...
But the one Captain America rode in the movie! We'll, the Captain America movie. Well, maybe he didn't exactly ride it in the "movie" since back in the 40's there were only Evo's (right?), let me check the historical data (did anyone see Indy4?). Well, whatever, you've got until August 31st to give all your marketing information to Harley/7up soda, for an endless opportunity to receive regular spam in your email. BUY USED.
You know what really goes great with 7-up?
Period Correct.


ftwdclxvi said...

I could give a fuck about this post, seriously, but have you seen "The drunk & on drugs happy funtime hour" yet? it's the dudes from Trailer park Boys & it's fucking killer. Youtube that shit now. If It's Always Sunny is the wine, Wilfred is the cheese, the League could be like the sardines or something, but Drunk & on Drugs is def the crackers.

Anonymous said...

how can this harley be period correct with a fucking twin cam engine????
The new captain america wla harley is the same, if not worse! it should have a flathead motor, but they also have used a brand new twin cam, with WHITE fucking rocker tops!!!!!!!!!!!
go to they have a full post all about it.
peace out!!