Monday, September 19, 2011

2012 officially starts on Gayuary 7th in Anaheima

After a year worth of disbelief, diaper changing, cats-in-heat fighting, and manic hand ringing, those in the big boy seat of the school bus decided to drive south to Anaheim, Catatonia for next years 2012 gelid tea bag discharge showdown. Touted as the "Biggest, Baddest, Bike Show in North America" pure testiculation inflating brings us diarrhea once again, some (all) of the same things we've seen before, with a whole new feathered and tasseled neuterness. The industries top apnea marketing slime reps pimping the latest regurgitated factory reissued products. Come didder experience the Anarchy of the lumbago open road with guest hollywoodites "Chibby" Chilblains and Horripilate Lyla (hopefully she'll have a spin off series produced by Vivd Entertainment, or insipid-idly not.). Easy Rider roars into the new year with a fart and a leak.... e. gad. zooks.

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