Thursday, September 22, 2011

After the El Camino Swap Meet... Gasser Lounge

From the Gasser Email, perfect way to end the day after the El Camino Swap Meet: what?  you've never heard of Beaver day?  seriously?!  suuure.  the groundhog (or should we say WOODchuck as they're more commonly known) gets a day on the calendar, but the cute little neatly-manicured, sweet smelling, domestically-focused Beaver goes completely unrecognized.  that's discrimination!  let's all take a moment to think about the Beavers in our lives that brighten our day on a regular basis.  you don't have one in your life, you say?  well come let one of ours put a smile on your face!
what's that wirey-haired groundhog ever done for us?  six more weeks of winter?  awesome.  he's all like, "Hey Girls.  Put your bikinis back in the closet because I say it's still sweater time!"  thanks, bud.  definitely hate girls in short shorts and tank tops.  ...and even when he does predict an early summer we still end up with a windy ass March blowing our trash cans all over the street.
the friendly little Beaver is here to bring us good news either way!  if he sees his shadow we get six more weeks of summer fun and CRAZY drink specials for the rest of the night!  if he doesn't, well we still get a bunch of rad holidays.  (by the way, we're already neck-deep in preparations for our world-ending Halloween event so, uh... get ready.)  be sure to click to allow the image above for the rest of the Beaver Day details.
don't forget tonight is Punk Rock Wednesday featuring happy hour all night and Thursday is Girlie Night featuring all things girlie for just $5!!  Saturday we'll be opening bright and early at 9am for the Georgia v. Ole Miss game so throw on your red and black and join us for a screaming match with the tv.  
when it's time to party, you know we throw down so put your party pants on and stuff your pockets full of good times and blurry memories.

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Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

I need to check out you blog more often. Missed this one!