Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Born to be Gay? ... and they had to put a Sportster in it, go figure.

 Yaji and Kita, The Midnight Pilgrims. Yes, this is a real movie... Beginning with an impressive song-and-dance number (the very Steppenwolf-sounding Born to be Gay), the two take to the road on Captain America's chopper, only to be told that Edo men must travel the Tokkaido road on foot. The road to Ise holds many adventures for our star crossed lovers, including a meeting with a lord (?) who only grants passage to samurai that can make him laugh, and a teahouse at the base of Mt. Fuji run by a singing transvestite and his tone-deaf daughter. Adding to the fun (wait... were now "adding" to the fun?) are Kita's many withdrawal fantasies, which take the form of drug-themed quiz shows, or imaginary armies of football players, samba dancers and office ladies. There's a comedian named Hot Sandwich, a hirsute geisha pop star, a yam-juice serving King Arthur, a macho slimeball of a detective, and the greatest testicle pulling sequence ever committed to celluloid.
I guess it sounds perfect then... this came out in 2005. Where the hell have I been? And, how come no one told me about this "Sportster" hit movie from the isle of Japan? I only found this trying to get the skinny on the new (and yeah, gay too) Easyrider event show for next year...)


ftwdclxvi said...

Fucking downloading that shit NOW!

(amazingly not to be found on either the Pirate Bay or Demonoid)

All3n said...

...amazingly... I netflix'd it but it's got a wait. A wait? Who in the hell is bogarting that shit is what I wanna know... If you see it, send me some stills or a review! It's gotta be hell-air-e-ous!

All3n said...

Yaji & Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims was not available from your local shipping center. Fortunately, it was available from a shipping center in another part of the country. It's on its way and should arrive within 3 to 5 days.