Friday, September 16, 2011

Gasser Lounge Oktoberfesting' in September

This is me and the lil' lady (Alizon), Mikey B. took the picture above, but it's totally better than the one he sent out in his email so I'm throwing it up here! If you haven't read it here before, the Gasser Lounge rocks~!!!

From the Gasser Lounge email:
we can't wait for the official start of Oktoberfest, so we're kicking it off this Thursday!  see that big beer towering over the top of this email?  it's 33oz (or 1 liter for you metric weirdos) of icey cold malty, hoppy magic.  Come in and get one filled to the brim with any of our tasty suds on tap for just $15 and you get to KEEP THAT BITCHIN' STEIN!  (*excluding the Russian Imperial Stout- if we let you drink 33oz of 10% abv stout we'll have to call you an ambulance when you're finished.  don't get us wrong, we want you to go nuts, but how the hell do you expect us to keep the lights on if we let you drink yourself into a coma?)  bring that mug back anytime through the end of October and we'll refill it for just $9!  supplies are limited so come get yours EARLY!  (you see a pattern here?)
this Friday those freaks in Fartbarf join the boys from Bandpax and Murder on the 405 as The Big Three return to the stage at St. Rocke.  it's like an early Christmas gift just for you!  now normally we'd never get behind anything going on at "the Rocke" but seeing as they finally decided to book some rock 'n roll, we figured we'd show some support... and throw the official after party!  want to see what those nerds look like with their masks off?  here's your chance!  join us for the late night mayhem!
saturday we'll be hosting the after party for "Dinner and a Booty."  what's that all about?  well it's a burlesque show up the block at Suzy's starting at 8pm.  guess it's kinda like an early, um, uh... whatever.  we carried the early theme though this email long enough.  go get all hopped up on naked ladies then cruise back down here to drink with them afterwards.  
don't forget next saturday is Beaver Day!  will the Big Beaver see his shadow and forecast 6 more weeks of summer?  let's hope so.  summertime means ridiculous drink specials!!
so trade in your thinking cap for your drinking cap.  we ain't selling encyclopedias down here.  see you soon.

who else can rock a Casio so good?

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Brady said...


Dear lord, I hope you get in on that. I've been to a place where they call it sloopersizing. The shit that much beer does to your head is epic.

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