Friday, September 2, 2011

Going to Jail in Chaps... again?

From the Gasser email: Couldn't help but notice that the city of Hermosa just so happened to hang a banner advertising there little "fiesta" over aviation blvd on your way to the Gasser Lounge.  real cool, guys.  as if over-priced crappy funnel cake, super lame folk art booths (not talkin' about Unicorns are ya? guess not), has-been "bald on top ~ mullet in the rear" cover bands, and a beer garden pouring off, at best, warm anheuser beers could really deter our devoted clientele from heading to the hallowed halls of rock 'n roll and booze!  sure, it's fun for a little daytime pre-game if you challenged in that special way, but we all know the real throw-down is up here!!  (yes, we realize they've been hanging that there longer than we've been here... but now it's personal!)
(Stolen pic from BoiseMochi)
A little head's up, though.  right underneath that banner there will be a DUI checkpoint in the eastbound lanes from 9pm saturday til 3am sunday.  let's be realistic (READ: S-M-A-R-T), folks- we all like to get (it) loose, but let's cab it.  it's way more fun to spend 10k on MOTORCYCLES (or) drinking than on lawyers and fines!

Don't be "that guy."
You really don't want to go to jail in Chaps, trust me on that one. I feel you brother.
I "might" have added a little to the content of the email.

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