Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soup Run

 Cruised down to San Diego for soup.
Stopped at the Tower Bar and gassed up. Received secret instructions on the location of the secret Soup place, almost like finding a rave warehouse, but I knew a guy who knew a guy.
"Wait a minute. You went to San Diego just for soup?"

Hidden in plain view and within 100 yards of the Tower Bar. This isn't a food blog and I don't dare try to teach anyone who to cook anything (wink wink) but this place is Going On! Order the Caldo de Res.
(We brought some home in plastic containers for today too... jus' sayin, it's that good.)

1 comment:

Terry Whitehurst said...

Ive eatin there....but I have a place for you dude, next time your up we'll cruz on up to Escondido - its the best!