Saturday, September 3, 2011

Updates for the Rapid Run to Kern River

Less than a week from now... Updates and information from Blue Collar Moto for the first annual Rapid Run to the Kern River. This ride pretty much is the replacement for the Blue Collar Moto does Pismo and for the better, since the camping there is reserved and free for this ride. Lady Hump will be making the launch party (breakfast) on Friday and the ride out, but Easyrider and Junk magazines will be taking the helm on full length coverage of the event. IF YOUVE NEVER SEEN what goes on at the Kern, then do a little image search on "Kern River Run" It can get pretty riskaye and I know there's some treats in store...

SEPTEMBER 9th (Friday ride up) - 11th (Sunday ride home)
Gas up before you show up at the restaurant on Pico and Bundy! We will be taking off at 9AM SHARP!!!!
1st gas stop is in Oxnard @ HWY1 and the 101.
At 9AM there will still be some lane splitting while getting out of Pacific Palisades. Don't try to keep up if ya don't feel safe doing it! We will stop here and there for photo ops along the coast and for gas before we get on the 33. Since I'm riding with Mary this year I won't be going as fast as in previous years for the SLO Ride (ed note: "We'll see about that!").
Use the map I posted below to familiarize yourself with the route and take notes in case ya wind up getting separated.
2nd gas stop 
will be in Ojai. HWY 33 where we get into downtown Ojai and turn left to stay on the 33. There is a gas station on the Right. GAS UP HERE! It is the last gas till we get over the hill!
We will stop about a mile up the 33 from the gas station @ the Deer Lodge to meet up with other riders coming in from Ventura and to have a beer. If for some reason ya miss the gas stop you will have time here to go back and get it.
3rd gas stop
On the 33 about 1-2 miles past the farming town of Ventucopa on the Left. (No gas in town unless ya don't mind getting it from a lawnmower can!) There are only two pumps so any stagglers will have time to catch up to the main group here. Don't push it threw the twisties if ya don't feel comfortable with it. The 33 is a fun road and should be enjoyed. Don't want to hear about how someone got there head smashed by oncoming traffic just cuz they wanted to keep up.

4th gas stop Bakersfield.
At the off ramp where we will be eating lunch @ Denny's. I have the address posted below.
Gas up before ya eat cuz we will be wanting to get the fuck out of Bakersfield ASAP! It should be about 3PM by the time were ready to go.

5th gas stop Kernville!
Get gas, munchies, beer, whatever ya want here! There is a store just past the camp spot but it costs more there. I'm planning on eating at McNallys for dinner Friday night but this place is not cheap. It's not that far from camp so if ya need to go back to Kernville after dropping off your gear it's no big deal. I had to do that last year. This year, I'll just have Mary carry the beer! Ha ha!

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