Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We're getting some stuff in the mail that we'll be giving away for the Wuss Ride this year to the Slab City Riot 3. STICKERS ARE HERE. We're going kinda wild this year and (again) doing the Map-Dana's, (again) will be handing out PINK and PURPLE Rabbits Feet (for good luck on the Wuss Route) and we'll be giving away free Wuss t-shirts and Wuss trucker caps! Hell, we're making Wuss BEER COOZIES TOO! Why? Cause we're Wuss stupid like that and we love having a good time. The Wuss stuff we're giving out is all going to be free at the Wuss Ride take off on Nov. 4th. No money grubbing vendor blood running in our veins, just oily humor and liquid courage boyz! Looking for a good time? No better place to have one, than at a Slab City Riot. Put on by Biltwell and Chop Cult, the Slab City Riot is about the greatest party/event/camping trip/historical significant thing of the year in Southern California. And YES, we're doing WUSS RIDE Trophies this year again, they'll be even better than last years Skate Decks. I'm sure you're already a regular visitor on the WUSS RIDE blog, and I'm sure you've already planned enough in advance to get the dates off from work or school. November 4th we take off from Temecula (more info on that to follow over on the Wuss Ride blog) and once you get there, let the good times flow.


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