Friday, October 14, 2011

20 Day Countdown...

 Sportsters from the Slab City Riot (2) in 2010.
This years Slab City Riot is now 20 days away... There's still time to arrange for you to come down with some type of venereal disease that would enable you to get the time necessary off from work, if you haven't already secured the vacation and/or off days required to participate in this years, and I think it'll be the best year yet!, festivities!!!
 Once you go Slab, you GO BACK EVERY YEAR!
 I can honestly recommend you, this is the best "bike" related event, you will ever attend.
There's no bathrooms.
There's no sinks to wash you hands in.
If you want to sleep indoors, you better bring four walls and a cot.
If you use hand sanitizer, please stay your Hipster ass in Hollywood.
If you party with your "cock out" then you have a personal invite.
And if you are a Wiffle Ball Bat master, then there's a group of guys you just gotta beat!

Boo Yah Baby Cake! ... Lick that Cream.

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Zombie Performance said...

Fuck yeah! Can't wait. Slamming to get my sporty road worthy.