Thursday, October 6, 2011

If you don't stand for Sportsters, you'll fall for any bike

Saw a SOA t-shirt on a Bagger Pilot today on the freeway. Didn't get a picture. His ultra classic luggage rack was blocking the shot anyhoot. For some odd reason, I got the impression that Star Wars Ewoks were all gay, and had beaver teeth, and that suddenly scared me for all the children in the 80's who watched them with carefree (or another word substitute) abandon. After all, they worshiped c3po as a deity...
"If I stand like this, does my package look bigger?"
"Ah... what do you mean Clay?"
Unser is probably the only salvageable cast member at this point. Luckily he'll be dead by the end of the season. Through the Big "C" or his characters emo tendencies, the only thing he has left to offer the story line is his departure. And, with that being said, he'll probably die on his bike, in an "accident." I just wish he'd lose that godda'waffle fat bob tank he's rolling. Change that and lose the front fender too and he could die in a little respectable Ironhead style.

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