Friday, October 7, 2011

Inger Nilsson nude under a Velvet Painting

Well, this is that velvet painting.
This years Wuss Route for the Wuss Ride from Temecula to Niland / Slab City Riot 3.
Nov. 4th. More details over at the Wuss Ride Blog.
The map is absolutely amazing. A Big Thanks to Alan Stedman for the art. You rule dude, you really really do.


Battle said...

I keep looking at this map and trying not to be jealous of the fun you guys are gonna have haha

The Wood Brothers said...

Whats the eta to Bombay?? got a house there if anyone wants to party

All3n said...

We're planning a drink stop at the Ski Inn for shu. As for anything else, you outta make sure you come to the SCR3 movie night on the 4th and then find me, and we can plan something for the next day when it's miserable hot.... Yeah!