Monday, October 17, 2011

Lucifer hit the Las Vegas Douche show

Cheese round up.

 Lucifer hit the Douche LaRouche MC party in Vegas this last weekend. Thanks for the pics!
Can you believe he doesn't even ride a Sportster? Man, what is up with that. Too cool.
Vegas Room-mates Rule!


LUCIFER said...

LOL!!! Too Cool? Shiiiiit, more like I'm a Broke ass MoFo. AND... NOT a Broke ass MoFo that wears 500 dollar jeans, a real one that wears nothing but 24 dollar Dickies. LOL!!! Yet another reason why I ride Honda. Gas up and go. BUT... chingos of people are telling me that the Sportster is the way to go with the way I ride and how often I ride. So... Hummm... Might just HAVE to be my next one. I'll see, no shit you'll be one of IF not the 1st. one I'll go to To see what's good or what's a piece of shit if I'm buying a Sportster.

All3n said...

Nah, if anyone can pull it off NOT riding a Sportster, it's you... Shhh, don't tell anyone but I have a Honda in the garage too!