Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy My Ass? ... I went to Long Beach

Before I rant about everything wrong with this Swap Meet, yet again, I'll start off with a Blog Test for the viewing audience (... that's YOU). 
Q: From the two (2) tanks here (above and below) which one would you prefer to rock?
A: The obvious choice is ABOVE.
Now if you picked the tank BELOW, although you might find it cool and can appreciate the artistic qualities and color work of the airbrush... you might find yourself on the wrong blog.
I'm not one for waving traffic away from this site, but in the course of "all things considered" you should understand where you are and what makes my nipples erect.
I think "Occupy L.A." is a complete waste of time. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. The result will be the Mayor or selected city councilman coming out and saying something to the effect of "We've heard the people speak." Well, BIG WET FART OF A DEAL! And it doesn't matter if you're on Wall Street or Castro Street, it's all a GIANT EXERCISE OF PISSING INTO THE WIND. YOU CAN AIM YOUR STREAM AS TRUE AS YOU WANT, BUT YOU'LL STILL END UP PISSING ON YOURSELF. ... Enjoy it.
Say it don't spray it.

Not Sportsters, but very well done Jap Chops. Thank you for the effort.
(Please explain the item below)
And (luckily) there were enough Sportsters present to represent.
No Prisoners.
No Half Measures.
No Non-Cycle Related Products.



Difficult to choose !!!! The both tanks are so "d├ęgeulasse" in french. I let you search the translation.

All3n said...

I see the irony in your terminology for the first tank.