Sunday, October 2, 2011

OKTOBERFEST 2011 Alpine Village

 Chuggin Luggin'

It's not difficult if you live in So.Cal. to find just about anything you'd want to find. There's a little bit of everything here, from the absurd to the mundane it can be yours. I've lived here my whole life (minus some time during college / in a hippie commune in Eugene, Oregon, and then in another place very sandy and very secret, and finally in another dimension fighting space aliens, before returning to earth, but that alas is another insidious adventure best left sleeping for now until the dragons awake) in Los Angeles and have NEVER been here, OKTOBERFEST at Alpine Village (Carson, off of Vermont Blvd.) whadd'a loser right? Well, in good time I say. These times ARE good. Right now.

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Brady said...


Went to the real deal this year. I saw one woman carrying roughly 13 gallons of beer, separated of course into liters. Amazing.

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