Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Long Belch Fecal Swaps ~ October 2011 (pt.3)

 Future CRAIGSLIST AD: It's a fixer-upper. You should have it on the road by mid-afternoon if you start first thing in the morning. It'll probably need a minor carb adjustment and a new battery.

The classic example of what you should NOT find at the Long Beach Cycle Swap.
This month was overly full of NON-CYCLE related vendors. I think as the holidays (read: Christmas you heathens!) approaches, the toy, nick-knack, brick-brack, bull-shit, and arm-pit sellers come outta hiding and descend upon the desperate looking to exploit the feeding frenzy that is the bane of Jesus Christ's birth. Wow, there's a mouthfull. In this case, Blow It Out Your Ass!

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