Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sad day in "Rocker" history...

... when you go to a Mods v. Rockers party and the Mods win hands-down. The sheer numbers of Italian 2 strokes makes my eyes water like an Indian standing in front of a littered hillside along a lone stretch of freeway. Was there even a single Sportster (the most common prevalent, relevant, and most choptastic motorcycle on the face of the planet) in the parking lot? Hard to see with all the chrome shine blinding people.

Seriously though, Lucifer stopped by the Mods v. Rocker show in Costa Mesa and shot a couple pictures. Mad props. Lucifer is running the school bus right now whiles I try to make it through until the Wuss Ride... 

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Brady said...


Pretty damned cool. Kinda makes me wish I hadn't sold my old scooter. Scariest machine I owned though.

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