Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Saewulf Steve's Ironhead

Making progress. Looking good.

And on a related note; Does anyone know where these SPORTSTER RULES banners can be bought from? (see below stolen pic) If you know, please post it up in a comment.


Preacher said...

Hmm... they were made for the Quad Cam Bastards ( )and given out and/or auctioned off to raise money.

I think Tyler over @ Lowbrow ( ) had them made for us.

He sells t-shirts with that design as well.

Preacher said...

Oh, and BTW: That pic is Samuel's garage. He is an award winning bike builder and Aliens MC (Helsinki) member as well as a QCB member.

All3n said...

Thanks for the info. Only posted the stole pic for the glory of the sportsters, not trying to five finger anyones stuff... at least, unless, it's just too cool not to. the search now continues thanks to you Sir!

Preacher said...

No worries. We don't own the design or anything. If anyone, I would guess Tyler does.