Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sportsters at the LBCS

 I remember a time when this blog used to be about Sportsters...
Yeah, those days are done. Like an Omelet.
My favorite Omelets are most often called "California" omelets, they'll have Avocado and Cheese with some chopped Bacon. Sometimes they're called "The Redondo" if you're in a beach city. So good. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the Long Beach Cycle Swap needs to hire some people to do their damn jobs and kick out all the non-cycle related vendors. Come on! If I wanted to buy some Beanie Babies, McDonald Happy Meal Toys, or VHS tapes of the movies most popular in the 1980's with sever to moderate heat damage, I'd stay my ass at home and rent them on Netflix.

A misty morning in Southern California where there's the illusion of fame in Hollywood and Orange Groves in Placentia. The Long Beach Cycle Swap; Long Belch, Kaliforni'ay. Oh the mortality of it all... 

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