Sunday, November 20, 2011

2006 Gardening Blog post found... and the loose way out in left field connection to Paul Teutus

I found these pictures on a Gardening Blog from way back in 2006. It seems that Orange County Choppers Paul Sr. was building a house in the woods or something important, and didn't have any gardening skills (say it ain't so?) so someone was offering to trade him gardening work for a bike build (or whatever), but then they got into waxing poetic on "back in the day" and posted some old pics they had... read the entry for yourself;

"Being the old school biker chick that I am, the scooter that haunts my dreams is a relic of the 1960s that belongs to a guy I once knew.  It was built by California Choppers East and is original right down to the purple velvet king & queen seat and the World War II vintage flat head 80 Harley Davidson engine extracted from a military sidecar rig. But what lights my fire is Peter Max in metal flake on a coffin tank…the cracks are what happens to original varnish after fifty years on the road."

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