Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Billy Club Daze Gone Bye

 The days of the Billy Clubs are gone in Los Angeles. The Mayor found out, all of a sudden(!), that there were "children" living on the lawn of City Hall, so he picked up the Bat Phone but no one answered.
This guy fell asleep on the steps of City Hall it took the cops so long to show up. Everyone had already burned through their Latte's and were starting to get hungry by the time the cops showed up for the party. Plus, they took the port-a-potties away a couple days before, so everyone had to hold it.
 Occupy L.A. did succeed in "keeping" jobs in Downtown (not considering all the revenue lost by local business over the last 8 weeks). The overtime for the cops and city sanitation workers has gotta be Gi-Normous. Notice the lack of any living grass? This entire place used to be green, now it's not. At least the guy who has to re-seed the lawn will have the first true "green" job in Los Angeles.
Anyone know how recyclable those vinyl tarps are? Cause they're going to the land fill. Probably filled with toxins and chlorides. Enough of this non-motorcycle crap already... Occupy Movement is and was an embarrassment that accomplished nothing but flushing money down the toilet (my taxes, yours too). In ten, twenty, thirty years, no one will remember this irrelevant event in the grand scheme of things. Example: what do you remember about Bill Clintons accomplishments? Monica Lewinsky
I think this guy was an extra from a Joel Schumacher movie, maybe. He probably just got off the bus in the wrong place, and you know; wrong place - wrong time story. Come back tomorrow for some real good and plenty!


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bill clintion was the suck

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... Monica sucked (to be correct)