Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

 Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving today! I know I will, this'll be the first Thanksgiving OFF I've had in about two decades, and mostly not by choice (I worked far too many years in the retail world to ever be able to appreciate a Holiday off. Things are different now). See you Saturday at Classic Cycles new location Grand-Opening.
 Good Food
 Good Friends
(I don't know who they are but I'd party with them)
 Good Times.
And Good God? What the hell is that?
Now there is a real turkey.
Sorry, can't remember the blog I stole this pictures from. It brings to mind about 100 questions; the least of which is the "why?" And I no longer allow "because you can" answers. "I was drunk that month" might make it plausible, but not acceptable. I see skeleton bikes about once a month, sometimes less, and wonder where the fascination comes from to start glueing plastic bones all over your bike. This one takes it a step father and paints it copper penny bronze, like a well basted turkey. (minus symbol) -yum.

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