Monday, November 28, 2011


A couple more comments on the matter

"...sad to see how many people are commenting here that people should just lick their wounds and bend over for the cops to do as they wish. What a sad thing to think some of you are so weak and self-centered that you are willing to give up your freedom so easily while pretending to be "free" Americans.
Yeah, you're probably right. You should jump when the man tells you to so you can go camping without a hassle. It's easy to see who the establishment lackey's are when things get uncomfortable."

Posts like the one above are hilarious to read for me at this time, knowing what a fantastic time we had...  ba'foon.

 "Fucking pussy, going to let a few cops stop you what kinda bikers are you?"

"Yes, either that or lead a thousand of our friends into a trap of dozens of law enforcement officers where some of them will most likley get there bikes impounded for no real good reason."

 "Hum? Shut down the bikers... but let the IDIOT Socialist break the law & camp out on Wall Street and across America. What a Crock-O-Shit!"

Yep. That's about the state of things in the country. I'm sure it's only going to get stupider as time goes on. I have visions of Idiocracy (the movie) become the reality.
You've had the chance to see a pretty good selection of the photographs I took at the Slab City Riot 3 alternative event; Operation Illusive Unicorn. Hope you enjoyed them, I have some more, but enough is enough for now. 

I talked to a few people over at Slab City the following week as we just fooled around back and forth, they're pretty bummed to say the least over the cancelled event. They do however talk about the "Man's" plans that were in place to close the event, had hundreds of bikers started rolling through Niland. There was some individual(s) bitching over little things too, the artwork was offensive to someone? (Cause titties ain't natural, especially at Slab City...? I don't know). Niland business owners suffered the most with revenue losses they'll not make up any time soon. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone'll give a poop over the "little guys" (read: small shop owners) voices, that's big city bureaucracy on the small town scale. Next time, we'll arrive in mass without warning I suspect. I suspect as much.... I really really do.

Time to prepare yourself for the upcoming BEST of Lady Hump for the first 20 days of December. I've been considering what to do with the blog for next year, and I have some pretty good ideas but the one that comes to mind most often involves tea bagging YOUR bike.


Mikhail the Complainer said...

It's rad that everyone made the best of a shitty situation and had a good time anyways on the Wuss Ride. I, personally, am of the train of thought that the promotors of the Riot did not handle the deal with the cops at Slab properly. But, the chopper crowd has just really let me down this year. When the cops said I couldn't get into Born Free 3 'cause I was associated with a club, I asked some guys workin the event "what gives?" and was told it is what it is. I took it personally, I will admit. Anywho, I could go all day about this, but I won't. Enjoying the pics of everyone that had a good time and enjoying the best blog in the whole damned world, even though I sold my sporty a while ago :( Keep up the good work!

All3n said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I just read that... no way. Man, I hope you don't mind that we're going "retard" for December... your regularly scheduled programming will return next year.
Thanks for the support.

Mikhail The Complimentor said...

I look forward to December's shenannigans. That's why what you do here is rad, it aint the same shit everyday. I LIKE variety in my life, damn it!