Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not sure what's going to happen tonight in Los Angeles, but something is... there might be a RIOT ???

 Let's review; what have you accomplished? Since you're the "99 percent", I would expect a lot. a whole bunch really since your numbers are so HUGE!
a.) You got Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa to side with you, but still serve an eviction notice on you.
(and really, having him siding with you might actually be a negative...)
b.) Wall Street went on with business as usual
c.) Banks are still open for business
d.) The Holiday shopping season started with a positive spending increase over last year (read: more people buying more corporate products)
e.) Cory Smoot died and no one noticed (shame on you all!)
f.) the press had something to talk about for a couple weeks
g.) You confused most of America with a ideology few (less than 1% {pun}) can understand.
"I think I liked Hollywoods version better. Beside Keanu Reeves is so cute.."
 ... I don't think that was Keanu Reeves, I think it was Tom Cruise?
"What movie are you talking about?"
I don't  know, what movie are you talking about?
"It doesn't matter, there was no script to follow anyway..."
We're still talking about a movie right?
"No. I'm talking about the Occupy movement."
 Glee this is stupid.
 Wait a minute! We've got a problem in frame. Can someone explain to me why we're against bankers, but this guy is eating a Bagel? I wan't the Green Police on set now!
btw; we can't recycle styrofoam.
... or what if they're both?
"That would be... like incredible."

Don't get your panties in a bind. You came to the Lady Hump blog, what did you expect to find here?
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Terry Whitehurst said...

If corporations were robotic computers that have overtaken the world can I please donate my soul before someone realizes I wash my hair daily with rad corporate shampoo that makes me smell like a french whore - fuck yeh 1%

Beer Booters are 1%
Lady Hump"ers" are 1%
Hey are we one in the same, fuck it - truly fuck it my head hurts!

Were all French Fucking whores! i do know that...

American Wind said...

this post is hilarious!