Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oil and Rain

 I'm bummed I gotta work this night, but I can tell you, this is going to be so bad-ass they have TREVELEN appearing twice! (yeah I'm sure, check the listing above). Well, it looks like rain but how you going to trust our weather reporters? You can't. They said the Slab City Riot dates were going to have sunny conditions with the highs around 70, then you all know what happened the day before?... it rained my ass off. I left it somewhere near Warner Springs. If you find it, mail it back to me. It'll look like a wrinkly little piece of cheese probably after some Raccoon gnaws on it for awhile. Whatever... Hope for dry conditions (since this starts at 8pm, sunny won't help you much unless you're in Japan). Bam!
It'll be something like this if it rains like they say it's going to so I recommend that YOU GO!
You can tell I have high hopes hu? If life gives you lemons; make it even by punching a hipster in the face!

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