Thursday, November 3, 2011

The party starts in Temecula tonight...

 Somewhere in Temecula there's a group of guys (and by default) some gals who are getting liquored up for tomorrows WUSS RIDE into the desert for a weekend of riding and camping. Lady Hump is going back on Robot Mode for the next couple days.
"I feel it... I feel it... The Power of the Unicorn is on my head!"
 Unicorn Helmets are the new Black.
 Stormtroopers never die...
Quick note; I think Johnny Wolf has this guys Sportster posted up over on the Asphalt Squadron blog a while back? ... and if you already know what bike I'm talking about, you've done your homework son, and daddy's proud of YOU!


Johnny Wolf said...


It all makes sense now.

Zombie Performance said...

I miss all the fun. I think I'm in the hotel room above you. Peekaboo!

Brady said...


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