Monday, November 7, 2011

Riders in (and out of) the Storm

This ain't no Slab City Riot!
Let's talk shit on the internet for a minute. One of the negative posts on the i-nerd-weebs:
"man..its totally weak to cancel this event..but im not surprised at all...The Man just one this war...back in the day this shit would have never been cancelled..this is the modern day biker attitude at its finest "talk the talk but dont walk the walk" all the more reason I dont go to any of this kind of shit anymore."

and one of the many responses:
What's the deal with all this bullshit "Biker attitude?" Coming from just a regular guy who loves motos, give me a fucking break with the "back in my day... modern biker..." shit. The "official" event was shut down for a good reason, why would few guys want to be held responsible for any kind of mishap? No one is stopping you from going over to Slab yourself. The Wuss Ride is still on, and if you feel that it is not officially a "wuss" ride, make adjustments to your plan and occupy some other place. There are plenty of camping grounds in California.

One of the BEST responses:
Fucking whiners, put a sock in it and ride your fucking motorcycle. Instead of bitching, you should be thanking the Biltwell/Chop Cult crew and sponsors for sticking their neck out to make shit happen. It's not easy, even more so to have to deal with the logistics of trying to avoid a problem with locals, 500 plus bikers, the police, food, booze, etc.. etc.. etc... With anything good comes the haters, posers, and detractors. Understand, that you whiners and haters are a minority among a solid group of people out here keeping the good biker vibes alive. Whiners are part of the problem shit like this falls apart. 

And for the "back in the day" bullshit, I'm so sick of hearing this shit! 
GO PROSPECT for a legit club! Don't say you are in a "legit" club either, cause members don't go on the fucking internet and WHINE! 
Shut the fuck up and ride your motorcycle, or just go beat your kids.

Sad the event went south, but very thankful that people like Bill,Mcgoo,Mike and others stick their neck out! I'm can get behind them anytime 100% 
Word Cro!

They came from all directions on Friday for the love of moto ~ through a rain storm that backed it's ugly ass up over the Cleveland National Forest and dumped it's load. Not much (maybe 15 minutes or so) rain made it's way to our location but riders arrived soggy and cold. The night and next day, perfecto weather, sunny, warm. Probably your typical daily ride in some miserable party of the country, but probably the lead story on every single news program in the greater southern california area was "Storm Watch 2011!" since, people in this area of the state are rain-stupid and increase their speed during a storm instead of decreasing it.

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Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks to you Kit and Allen for his art work and you guys going ahead with the ride. When things get messed up cuz of weather or cops, the "Hard Core" still go out and have a good time. Fuck the rest! I mean, like the first Biltwell party (non EDR)Chop Meet, one of the best things were all the wieners turning around and going home. It was just those of us that love this shit. Same thing this weekend. Great time by all who attended for damn sure!