Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slab City Riot 3 better than it Never Was

Operation: Illusive Unicorn

From a local paper in Imperial County:

SLAB CITY — A large event that was expected to draw thousands to Slab City this weekend has been canceled after authorities gave organizers notice two days before the event that a permit was needed.
The Slab City Riot was planning to return for its third year today and Saturday.
Custom motorcycle parts and accessory company Biltwell Inc. had started the event.
“We liked the idea of a pilgrimage to a pretty unique place, known to be the last free place in America — and was for the last two years,” Biltwell Inc. manager Mike D. Ellis said.
Ellis received an e-mail from Imperial County Deputy County Counsel Rosario Gonzalez on Nov. 2 that a permit would be needed for the Nov. 4-5 event.
Since it had not been obtained, “the county is requesting you cease and desist from any and all further promotions and advertising of this event until a permit has been properly obtained,” according to the e-mail.
That's the "politico" spin on it. They fail to mention that the permit process has never been requested previously for "like" events (see flyer below listing additional Slab City events) or for other activities conducted at the Slabs (movies, etc.). Hell, they have band(s) play live music there every Saturday night... But no worries, we had a blast without them! If we ever make it back there, fine, but taking it "on the road" so to speak keeps it from stagnating and drawing the attention that it has since done. Keep in mind the loss of revenue the city of Niland lost out on, food, beer, gas, other necessities, etc. wasted overtime ($$$ cha'ching $$$ tax money down the toilet). Hope it was worth playing dirty.


blindtom said...

Discrimination hidden behind a political mask. Fuck them.

Battle said...

Shame about the politics but its the journey not the destination and i can't wait to hear some stories when i next see Sumo, Hope you all has a blast!