Thursday, November 3, 2011

Slab City Riot 3 CANCELLED ~ But the WUSS RIDE is still ON and we're still going CAMPING ...

By now you've probably gotten wind that the Slab City Riot 3 has in fact been cancelled. This is true and correct. There's information as to reason and events behind those reasons over on the Chop Cult home page (news). That however, does not mean the end of days has arrived. No. In fact, far from it. The Wuss Ride is still going to happen and the meet spot is still where we'll be handing out Wuss Army Gear (plus some additional informaiton if you don't already have it). So, if you're in Temecula Thursday, we're drinking beers at Terry's for a bit. Breakfast on Friday is still at the same place, and we're still going to Pump Up The Valuim by 10:30 AM with a kick off roll time of 11:00 AM. Lastely, we'll be camping under the moon, prepare for those conditions; bring your own food, tent, etc. etc., and bring your own drinks. There will be stores and bars near-by in several directions also. We'll join up on Saturday for more riding and look forward to an awesome weekend.

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